About Vriksh of Life

Vriksh of Life is a brand by Bakshi's Urban Living (BUL), an enterprise founded by Ritika and Shashi, partners in life and at BUL.
The genesis of this venture is from the basic want of bringing Indian ethos & artistic essence to the world with great emphasis on sustainability and quality. With these principles, we strive to deliver products and services that will bring value and happiness to your homes and lives.
An example of our principled approach to business is the re-engineered high quality Teak and Mango wood furniture that will give you taste of India, quality and sustainability as you grow old with it.
Further, our logo is an extension of what we stand for. A Vriksh in the backdrop of Sun, our source of life, with roots to remind us of our beginnings, bent branches bearing fruits to make us fulfill and deliver with humility and wings to make us go over and above to achieve our dreams and aspirations.